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Extreme Winter Conditions Maintain Strong Hold on Canada, Bringing Frigid Temperatures to the Western Region

Frigid temperatures continued to grip British Columbia and the Prairies on Jan. 14 as high winds and wintry conditions make their way across Canada’s eastern provinces.

Environment Canada says arctic air will continue to generate wind chill temperatures of between – 40 and – 50 C in some parts of B.C., including Peace River and Prince George.

It says temperatures will moderate in Metro Vancouver later on Jan. 14, though parts of the Fraser Valley will continue to experience wind chill temperatures that feel like – 20 C through Jan. 15.

Temperatures on the West Coast are forecast to warm slightly through the coming week, with rain expected as early as Jan. 18, but the possibility of snow in Victoria and Vancouver remains in the forecast for Jan. 16.

In Alberta, high demand for electricity due to the extreme cold prompted the province’s electric systems operator to issue a grid alert on Jan. 13. As the cold weather continues, the province is asking Albertans to conserve energy during the peak demand period of 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Environment Canada says temperatures will warm somewhat in Alberta, but a hazardous frostbite warning remains in effect with highs of – 24 C forecast for Edmonton on Jan. 15.

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In Ontario, electricity provider Hydro One says crews have restored power to more than 100,000 customers affected by 500 outages during a storm that swept through much of the province on Jan. 13.

Environment Canada is forecasting more snow for some parts of Ontario on Jan. 14, with snow squall warnings in effect for areas such as Niagara Falls and Bracebridge.

Meanwhile, the west coast of Newfoundland is bracing for wind gusts of between 90 and 100 kilometres per hour.

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