RFK Jr. Believes Biden Poses Bigger Threat to Democracy Than Trump

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President Joe Biden poses a greater threat to democracy than former President Donald Trump.

During an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” on Monday, Kennedy, who is running as an independent presidential candidate, expressed his views.

He stated, “I can make the argument that President Biden is the much worse threat to democracy, and the reason for that is President Biden is the first candidate in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech, so to censor his opponent.”

Kennedy’s Instagram account was suspended in 2021 for sharing debunked claims about COVID-19. The suspension was lifted in June 20223 when Instagram’s parent company Meta cited his active candidacy for president.

He believes his suspension was due to pressure from the Biden administration.

While Kennedy does not believe that either Biden or Trump should be reelected in November, he does not think they would “destroy democracy.” However, if he had to choose the bigger threat to democracy, he would pick Biden because he believes the president has been “weaponizing the federal agencies” against his opponents.

Commenting on the Jan. 6, 2021, protests at the Capitol, Kennedy said that Trump’s actions posed a threat to democracy.

“I think that is a threat to democracy; trying to overthrow the election is clearly a threat to democracy,” he said. “But the question was, who is a worse threat to democracy? And what I would say is … I’m not going to answer that question. But I can argue that President Biden is because the First Amendment is the most important.”

Jeffrey Rodack

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