Blinken: US Excited to Collaborate with Incoming Palestinian Government

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday expressed the Biden administration’s readiness to collaborate with the newly established government in Ramallah to Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas.

During a conversation with Abbas, Blinken conveyed that the United States looks forward to partnering with the new P.A. Cabinet to advance peace, security, and prosperity and emphasized the need for essential reforms, as stated by State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

Blinken also highlighted the importance of a revitalized P.A. for delivering positive outcomes for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. He reiterated Washington’s commitment to achieving an independent Palestinian state with security assurances for Israel.

Abbas, on his part, emphasized the immediate need to stop Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, and the urgency of providing humanitarian aid and essential supplies to Gaza. The newly appointed P.A. Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa took over his responsibilities after a handover ceremony in Ramallah.

Mustafa, along with 22 other new ministers, including existing Interior Minister Ziad Hab al-Reeh, aims to enact administrative reforms and carry out the first election since 2006, without specifying a timeline for the vote.

Recent polls have shown strong support among Palestinians for a governing body involving or led by Hamas, signaling potential changes in the political landscape. Fatah and Hamas have been in talks for forming a political alliance, with disagreements over Mustafa’s appointment.

Mustafa, a member of Fatah with a background in economics and business administration, has been entrusted with leading the P.A.’s efforts in building a stronger and more inclusive government. The Biden administration’s push for P.A. control in Gaza post-Israel’s military intervention has faced opposition due to concerns about terrorism support.

This report was republished with permission from Jewish News Syndicate.

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