RFK Jr. criticizes Biden and censors for always targeting the ‘bad guys’, Newsmax reports

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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed his recent controversial comments about President Joe Biden and Donald Trump in an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday. Kennedy reiterated his belief that Biden poses a greater threat to democracy than Trump, despite attempts by CNN to discredit him.

In the interview with “Eric Bolling The Balance”, Kennedy stood by his assertion that those in power who suppress free speech are not acting in the interest of democracy. He also criticized the politicization of federal institutions under Biden, particularly in relation to Trump.

Kennedy’s remarks came after a contentious interview on CNN the previous night. He clarified that his statement about Biden being a greater threat to democracy was manipulated by CNN to provoke a negative reaction.

He emphasized the importance of free speech and referenced dystopian literature that warns against the consequences of censorship. Kennedy also addressed concerns about the politicization of legal actions against Trump, highlighting the need for a balance between accountability and safeguarding democratic principles.

Reflecting on his family’s legacy in public service, Kennedy emphasized the need for non-partisanship and respect for democratic institutions. He criticized recent attempts to undermine Trump’s candidacy in several states, expressing his commitment to fair and open elections.

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