Washington Post reports: RNC Chair McDaniel offered resignation if Trump desired

According to a new report by The Washington Post, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel offered to resign if former President Donald Trump became the GOP presidential nominee and wanted her out during a series of talks they had last fall.

Trump turned down the offer, but the exchanges highlight the strained relationship between McDaniel and Trump. Reportedly, 14 Republicans close to Trump and McDaniel were interviewed for this report, which is based on their accounts.

This latest development in McDaniel’s tenure comes after Trump released a statement naming potential replacements for her. According to the report, people who talked to McDaniel about the statement said it hurt her, even though her name was not explicitly mentioned.

Despite McDaniel’s accomplishments, such as launching WinRed and her fundraising efforts, her relationship with Trump has been rocky, especially regarding financial matters and party performance in elections. Her family ties to prominent Republicans have also drawn criticism from some members of the party.

Trump’s criticism of McDaniel also extends to her handling of election fraud claims and financial support for his campaign, which led to calls for her resignation from some party members.

Additionally, the article mentions journalist Sandy Fitzgerald, who has over three decades of experience in journalism and covers news, media, and politics for Newsmax.

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