BOTH Trump and Biden can be crooks

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They can both be crooks.

What we seemed to have forgotten is that politics does not need to be an all-or-nothing, either/or cult.

Blinded by their hatred for Donald Trump, and desperate to remain in power, Democrats ignore the scandals of Hunter and Joe Biden.

It’s obvious that the plea deal that the Department of Justice and Hunter’s lawyers tried to ram through this week was a coverup, a partisan effort to cut off uncomfortable questions about Hunter’s influence peddling.

A full investigation is needed into how Joe benefited from his son’s machinations and the allegations of judicial interference made by IRS whistleblowers.

Rightly angry about Hunter, Republicans see the charges against Donald Trump as retribution.

Except it’s also obvious that there is a prima facie case that Trump has flagrantly broken the law by putting national security secrets at risk for his own ego, then tried to destroy the evidence.

A picture of Hunter Biden.
Hunter Biden admitted to a federal judge that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Chinese Communist Party-backed company, contradicting President Biden’s claims.
Daniel William McKnight

His actions on January 6 were unconscionable.

These are not made-up prosecutions, and “double standard” is not a defense for his behavior.

Of course, if you try to criticize Joe Biden in the liberal press, you’re “empowering Trump.”

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to mishandling classified documents that were found at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.
Getty Images

If you state the obvious about Trump, the MAGA world fumes.

Enough with this circle-the-wagons mentality.

Trump’s campaign doesn’t excuse the Biden family’s schemes.

Biden scandals don’t make Trump’s actions right.

There are plenty of politicians in this country; party affiliation should not require fealty to one person only.

Joe Biden and his family has been under criticism for alleged money dealings with foreign countries.
Joe Biden and his family have been under fire for alleged money dealings with foreign countries.
Chris Kleponis/Pool/CNP/startrak

Imagine a world where the two frontrunners for president were debating wages and growth and grocery prices, things that matter to the average American.

Instead, hypocritical elites dismiss moral rot as long as it benefits their side.

They can both be crooks. This nation needs to think hard about whether they should be left behind. 

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