Pence Pledges to Appoint a Cabinet Committed to Pro-Life Principles

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Former Vice President Mike Pence stated that he would only consider pro-life supporters for cabinet positions if he were to become president. Speaking at the Napa Institute Summer Conference in California, Pence emphasized the importance of personnel reflecting policy. He specifically mentioned that the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration would be led by pro-life Americans in his administration. Pence also discussed the role of faith in public life and credited the Trump-Pence administration for appointing conservative judges to federal courts and shifting the balance of the Supreme Court. He expressed his desire to restore the sanctity of life in American law and advocated for a minimum national standard of 15 weeks for abortions. Additionally, Pence called for a ban on gender-transition procedures for minors and criticized President Joe Biden’s stance on transgender participation in women’s sports. He concluded his speech by urging for more individuals of conviction and faith to be involved in public life.

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