Create a System for Maintaining Order in NYC to Benefit All

New York City may have its fair share of issues like shoplifters, subway incidents, gang violence, and illegal immigrants, but park rangers are focusing on cracking down on small infractions like public urination.

In a recent incident, Manhattan mother Michiko Sasaki was fined $50 for allowing her 4-year-old son Kobe to urinate in public after finding a nearby Battery Park City restroom locked.

Michiko was confronted by several park rangers who demanded to see her ID for the seemingly harmless act of her child relieving himself outside a locked restroom.

This incident highlights the inefficiencies in New York City.

While public urination was decriminalized in 2017, a mother dealing with a toddler’s bathroom emergency should not be seen as a threat to public order.

The issue lies with the lack of functioning public facilities and the failure to maintain them.

Despite numerous issues like drug dealing in parks and open-air drug use, Parks Enforcement found it necessary to issue a ticket to a mother, showcasing a misplaced sense of priorities.

Progressive policies have contributed to the worsening situation, with laws decriminalizing drug paraphernalia possession and enabling drug use without consequences.

The neglect of public spaces and the leniency towards drug use have led to a decline in public safety, similar to the subway disorder after fare-beating was deemed not worth enforcing.

Efforts like congestion-pricing tolls further burden law-abiding citizens while failing to address the root of the issue.

It’s time to prioritize order and safety for all residents of New York City, starting with addressing the real issues instead of targeting innocent individuals.

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