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New Film Explores Consequences of Public Health Lockdown Orders and Scientific Censorship

A new documentary is delving deeper into the COVID-19 pandemic, examining the impact of lockdowns on Canadian society and the aftermath of public health restrictions.

COVID Collateral,” making its debut at a Toronto Theatre in May, explores the responses of both the government and society to the virus.

During an interview with The Epoch Times, Toronto producer, writer, and director Vanessa Dylyn shared her thoughts on the pandemic and the restrictions imposed. She observed the disproportionate suffering among certain groups, such as small business owners facing bankruptcy while larger stores remained open.

She questioned the logic behind certain restrictions, like keeping liquor stores open but closing places of worship, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and gyms.

One of the most troubling aspects for Ms. Dylyn was the isolation faced by elderly and terminally ill individuals during lockdowns, with many passing away without their loved ones present.

‘Most Inhuman Act’

The documentary also sheds light on scientists who were silenced for speaking out against lockdowns, as well as the overlooked treatments and evidence related to the virus. It highlights the use of anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin and a study that reported a lower death rate than initially suggested by public health experts.

Former MPP Roman Barber’s experience after advocating against lockdowns is also discussed in the film, showing how dissenting voices were dealt with.

In addition, the documentary explores suppressed information about the virus’s origins, highlighting the challenges faced in sharing crucial data with the public.

‘Lonely Project’

Bringing this idea to fruition proved challenging for Ms. Dylyn as she struggled to find support for the project. Despite facing setbacks, she remained determined to create a film that addresses important issues.

She hopes that the film will spark conversations about the events of the pandemic and the role of science in society.

‘Open Dialogue’

By presenting various perspectives, Ms. Dylyn aims to encourage open dialogue and critical thinking among viewers. She believes the film can serve as a platform to discuss the handling of the pandemic and ways to move forward.

“COVID Collateral” will premiere at Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre on May 8, followed by a panel discussion with experts in the field.

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