Don Lemon, former CNN anchor, to wed longtime partner in NYC this weekend

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Hitch in Lemon’s next move

When life gives you lemons . . . you either make lemonade or you marry one of them.

Don Lemon. Ex CNN anchor. And — until recently — an Elon Musk pal. This Saturday he and longtime partner Tim Malone will squeeze together legally. Marry. Wed. Tie the knot. March down a very short aisle at the Polo Bar to become husband and husband.

Handsome Tim, who’s in real estate, and even handsomer Don had postponed their marriage amid COVID.

Don’s 58, Tim 39. Engaged since 2019. The wedding will be small because — with recent happenings and hiccups — from his CNN firing to the Musk blowup — Don’s circle of friends shrunk. UTA’s top boss will be there. Chris Licht? He shouldn’t look for an invitation.

Lemon — hired at CNN in 2006, unhired in 2023 — now has a YouTube page with 64K subscribers. YouTube gives a plaque to creators who reach 1 mil subscribers.

Both gents have everything so, while they say “I do,” me I do not yet know what friends should send for gifts. A contract, maybe?

No cruiser zone

TRUE STORY: A Park Avenue high-class building. A uniformed cop in front shouting to the uniformed doorman: “My car. Where’s my official police car? I just parked it here. Someone took it? Stole it? It’s gone! Meter maid take it?” The official NYC policeman could not find the official NYC police car he’d just left. Last seen he was running around streets hunting it. Doorman knew nothing. Forget about defunding the police. How about just unfunding their cars?

Real horror show

BILL Nighy: “My new movie’s ‘The First Omen.’ Scary flick. Bad stuff. One viewer was ‘traumatized.’ It’s all fear.”

Lovely. A baby shower for Satan. People paying money just to get scared. What could be better for Easter.

Funniest meal of the day

JERRY Seinfeld. “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story,” film he co-wrote and directed, is about cereal.

Seinfeld: “Early 1960s America’s morning was milk and cereal. Post and Kellogg’s. The undisputed giants. Happy childhoods for American kids.”

He’s in this with funny people like Sebastian Maniscalco, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Fred Armisen, Hugh Grant plays whateverthehell’s Tony the Tiger, Jon Hamm, Peter Dinklage, John Slattery, Christian Slater, Cedric the Entertainer and half “SNL’s” cast. Any comic not in this: fire your agent.

The thing’s May 3. Netflix. 

Just for one pint

HOW showfolk lived up holy Easter in London: Near St. James’ Palace and the Ritz, old eatery Arlington is back. Its glitzies included Michael Keaton and longtime girlfriend. Holy Night they munched at the bar — where it’s cheaper. 

WONDERFUL city employee: “Maybe hard work never killed a person but you never heard of anyone who rested to death ­either.”

Definitely only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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