Give Thanks to Biden and the Left for Your $24 Five Guys Burgers

An X post went viral this week for showing a meager meal at popular chain Five Guys a burger, small fries and drink — racking up a brain-busting $24 tab (including tip). 

That likely puts lunch at a fast casual joint well out of reach for an everyday American family. 

We know whom to thank for this: Joe Biden, progressive Dems and the terrible economic policies they love to enact

Think about it. 

Who else is responsible for the massive inflation hitting average Americans?

Via his endless drunk-sailor spending, Biden dumped trillions into the economy just as it was coming into a strong upswing after the COVID crush. 

That sent prices skyward and left them there.

They’re now around 20% higher than before he came into office across categories. 

Producer prices for beef remain inflated as well, predicted to likely rise at least 2.2% in 2024 on top of a recent 20.4% increase — so don’t look for any coming relief at burger chains. 

Add in gasoline costs, up a blistering 72.3% over Jan. 2021, per the most recent monthly data: All the ingredients have to get trucked to the kitchen before they can be served up hot.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there

The climate crusaders hate beef, as cow farts make it the top carbon-emitting meat.

The drive for the nation to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, by one recent analysis, would make farming vastly more expensive and drive up prices for fast-food essentials like American cheese (78%), beef (70%) and potatoes (22%).

Don’t forget progressives’ push for ever-higher minimum wages, like California’s recent fast-food hike to $20.

Jacking up the pay for burger flippers and fry cooks boosts the price for burgers and fries.

And so once-affordable treats enter the realm of wallet-stretching luxuries, especially for the less affluent. 

Progressives will go on punishing ordinary people until they get voted out. 

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