Hochul and Adams continue to allocate funds for migrants without end

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Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams have been quietly handing out cash to thousands of migrants for nine months.

The federal government prohibits asylum seekers from collecting cash welfare benefits, but New York has its own state- and local-funded parallel “safety net assistance” program for those not eligible for federal welfare.

Hochul stealthily expanded this program to include applicants for asylum and applicants for temporary protected status, at the request of New York City.

It is estimated that about 17,000 migrants are receiving these benefits, with significant cost implications for the state and city budgets.

The lack of transparency around this program is concerning, and there are no details about the impact on the state and city budgets.

Has Hochul learned nothing from two years of the migrant crisis?

Additionally, the state and city have no exit strategy for the beneficiaries of this assistance, potentially creating a new, permanent rolling welfare benefit for newcomers.

The lack of transparency from state and city authorities about this program is cause for concern.

Nicole Gelinas is a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal.

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