Jill Biden’s fake outrage over the special counsel report is unnecessary

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According to a New York Post article, Jill Biden has expressed her displeasure with special counsel Robert Hur’s report that cleared her husband of willfully retaining and sharing classified files due to his lack of recall during questioning.

Jill Biden expressed her frustration in a campaign email, stating, “I don’t know what this Special Counsel was trying to achieve… I can’t imagine why someone would try to use our son’s death to score political points.”

Biden’s habit of bringing up his late son Beau during times of trouble was also mentioned, with the article describing it as his shield against accountability.

The article also discussed Hur’s conclusion that a jury would likely acquit Biden due to his poor memory, which has angered both Dr. Jill and the president.

Despite the criticism, the president denied having memory issues and was defended by various VIPs on Sunday shows. However, the article suggests that feigning memory loss to avoid incrimination is a tactic often used by criminals.

Overall, the article portrays a sense of frustration and disbelief at the handling of the investigation and the president’s alleged tactics to avoid accountability.

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