Joe Biden’s image suffers on the eve of his State of the Union address

There’s a disturbing video of Joe Biden this week where he confronts a reporter who asks about his plummeting poll numbers and proceeds to blatantly lie, attempting to overshadow the truth with presidential fervor.

The president was ready to board Air Force One after another extended weekend at Camp David.

President Biden emerged victorious in the Democratic caucuses in Hawaii, moving closer to securing his party’s nomination after a successful run through the Super Tuesday contests. ZUMAPRESS.com

When confronted by a reporter on the tarmac about Democrats’ concerns with his poll numbers, Biden responded with a lie, claiming, “The last five polls you guys don’t report. I’m winning! Five! Five in a row!”

What could have influenced such a statement after his time at Camp David?

As he approaches his State of the Union address, Biden is facing the reality of being viewed as a loser.

His web of lies is unraveling.

Americans are gradually realizing the border crisis he has imposed on the nation, the discord and division he has fueled, the extreme wokeness he has enforced in every corner of the government, the incompetence, the wars, and the “Bidenomics” leading to financial distress.

According to the latest New York Times-Siena College poll and three other recent polls, nearly two-thirds of voters believe the country is on the wrong path, reflecting a consistent negative sentiment towards Biden.

President Biden was found to have lied about his poll numbers in response to a reporter’s question, as per reports. Getty Images

He is too old, polarizing, leading the country astray, and has left us worse off than during the time of Donald Trump.

Biden’s ‘truth’

This is not the first occurrence of Biden gaslighting reporters about his abysmal poll numbers.

Could Biden’s staff be encouraging his delusions by presenting him with fictitious polls indicating his success?

Could his choice of morning TV programming be influencing his distorted perceptions?

According to reports, he is fond of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The following excerpt showcases host Joe Scarborough’s political analysis this week:

“He is better than he has ever been … If it weren’t the truth, I wouldn’t say it.”

President Biden addressed the press before boarding Air Force One in Maryland on March 5, 2024. REUTERS

This could be termed as Joe’s “truth.”

In stark contrast to Biden’s claims, he has fallen behind Trump by four points in the NYT-Siena poll, despite the legal battles and defamation campaigns Democrats have waged against the former president.

While 40% of voters believed Trump’s policies benefited them personally, only 18% felt the same about Biden’s policies.

According to a Fox News poll, 48% of voters feel negatively impacted by Biden’s policies, whereas only 32% perceive Trump’s policies as detrimental.

A CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that nearly half (46%) of voters endorse Trump’s presidency as “good” and “excellent,” while one-third express a similar opinion of Biden.

Additionally, 61% of voters consider Biden too old to be an effective leader, reflecting more than just a numerical judgment.

His cognitive and physical faculties are visibly deteriorating before our eyes.

He has not acquired wisdom with age; if anything, he appears more ineffectual and detached than ever.

His persistence in seeking a second term is characteristic of Biden’s self-centeredness, while his DEI vice president offers no reprieve.

It’s a fitting consequence for the Democrats.

They orchestrated circumstances that led to this historically disastrous president governing the country, and now they are facing the repercussions.

Biden’s refusal to admit fault and take accountability indicates that there won’t be a policy reset during his upcoming address, only a rehashing of the old narrative blaming everything on Trump.


The fate of democracy!

The question of character!

We have heard it all before.

Reportedly, Biden intends to present a “unity” agenda.

When asked about his poll numbers, Biden falsely claimed, “The last five polls you guys don’t report. I’m winning! Five! Five in a row!”  AP

Is that so?

After three years of inciting animosity against white conservatives and fostering division among Americans for political gains, he is sticking to the narrative of being a unifier?

Will he issue apologies for his role in allowing criminals, terrorists, and freeloaders into the country?

Will he apologize to the family of Laken Riley?

Will he apologize to the Border Patrol agents he falsely accused of misconduct?

Will he apologize to the families of the fallen military members in Afghanistan due to his botched withdrawal?


Will he apologize to the Secret Service agents who were attacked by his unruly dogs?

Will he apologize for lying about his involvement in his son’s influence-peddling schemes and dismissing Hunter’s laptop as a “Russian plant”?

Of course not.

Instead, his campaign released a statement following Trump’s victory in the Super Tuesday primaries, portraying Trump as a “wounded, dangerous, and unpopular candidate.”

President Biden arrives to board Air Force One on March 5, 2024, in Hagerstown, Md. AP

Trump’s purported vulnerability can be attributed to the relentless legal attacks instigated by Biden’s allies.

But is this strategy proving effective?

In Georgia, the situation with Fani Willis has become farcical.

In New York, Alvin Bragg’s case relies on the testimony of a perjurer and convicted felon, Michael Cohen.

Jack Smith’s classified document case was undermined by the leniency shown towards Biden’s mishandling of sensitive material.

President Biden has a history of deceiving reporters about his poor poll numbers. REUTERS

Moreover, the Supreme Court has impeded Smith’s insurrection allegations.

E. Jean Carroll stands out as their best option.

This is an embarrassing situation.

Their plan to discredit Trump legally and financially backfired.

The more they attacked him, the higher his poll ratings rose.

Even those who do not support Trump recognize the injustice and fear being targeted next.

Biden’s actions are catching up with him.

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