Joe Biden’s lack of action may lead to a loss for both Israel and Ukraine

The Biden administration displays a lack of awareness whether through diplomacy or high strategy.

When it comes to diplomacy, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israel’s War Cabinet that they don’t have the credit for their goals. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, “The entire Israeli society is united behind the goal of dismantling Hamas, even if it takes months.” This shows that the Biden administration would not fully support Jerusalem for a prolonged fight.

Additionally, Blinken made a list of impossible demands including preventing the massive loss of civilian life, designating civilian safe zones, and avoiding enduring internal displacement. However, the extent of civilian losses is uncertain, but there is no denying that civilian suffering is widespread due to the ongoing war.

The IDF is making significant efforts to minimize civilian casualties and is willing to take risks to achieve this goal.

Despite this, Israel will continue to find new ways to reduce civilian casualties, but the fight against Hamas cannot cease until they are defeated. Blinken admits this truth but made it clear that President Biden won’t give the Israelis the “credit” needed to take too long to do it.

The strategic decision of Team Biden to barely respond to attacks on US forces across the Mideast is now benefiting Iran and its “axis of resistance.” This is evident in the recent attacks by Houthi forces in Yemen on a US warship and multiple commercial vessels in the Red Sea. Worse is ahead as long as the Israel-Hamas war continues, as Iran is ordering escalation.

Vladimir Putin’s been using Biden to keep the prez from getting Ukraine the advanced weapons it most needs to beat off the Russian invasion, and now Iran is using the same tactic to manipulate him into undercutting Israel.

Despite being on the right side in these conflicts, all of Biden’s instincts serve the bad guys’ interests.

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