Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg shifts focus to launching a Trump show trial instead of fighting crime

A consensus among Americans from various backgrounds is that New York City has changed for the worse.

The city has become a symbol of failed leftist policies that are causing residents to flee on a daily basis. Read more here.

In Times Square, two NYPD officers were attacked by released criminal immigrants with no bail requirements.

The subway system has turned into a hub for underground crimes, where innocent commuters fear being pushed into oncoming trains.

Furthermore, there have been numerous incidents of women being assaulted in broad daylight. Learn more.

Too many children are stuck in the cycle of poverty, attending underperforming public schools.

Businesses are closing down, homeowners are struggling to protect their properties from squatters, and the cost of living is soaring while the quality of life is plummeting.

New York City is decaying, poisoned by the leftist agenda of elected officials who support criminals and oppose businesses and taxpayers.

Instead of prioritizing the safety, freedom, and affordability of New Yorkers by making necessary changes, elected officials are focused on prosecuting former President Trump.

For the next six weeks, all eyes will be on 100 Centre Street, where Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is holding a trial that is receiving global attention.

He is unfairly prosecuting Trump on behalf of his party, using a legal tactic without evidence of a crime.

This abuse of power and prosecutorial overreach poses a threat to democracy.

Bragg’s actions have turned law-abiding citizens into victims by ignoring law enforcement.

He campaigned to take down Trump without a clear charge in mind. Find out more.

The judge, Juan Merchan, has shown bias against Trump and refuses to recuse himself, despite his daughter’s ties to Democratic figures and fundraising activities.

Additionally, a gag order has been issued against Trump, infringing on his right to defend himself against false charges.

The trial is being held in a liberal setting, making it difficult to find an impartial jury.

Trump is facing a coordinated effort to discredit and harm him.

Some states are even attempting to prevent him from running for office, which undermines democracy by limiting voters’ choices.

Democrats are denying the reality of rising crime, economic challenges, and border security issues, choosing to engage in legal battles rather than address policy concerns.

On the other hand, Trump is actively campaigning across the country, connecting with Americans to understand their priorities.

This moment presents an opportunity to unite Americans from different backgrounds to address the unsustainable path of the nation.

Despite relentless attacks, the American public must see through the tactics aimed at Trump and protect the future of the country.

Lee Zeldin (R) represented Suffolk County in the House of Representatives from 2015-2023 and ran for New York governor in 2022.

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