NYPD’s arrest of purported gang leader shows effectiveness of broken-windows policing

Further evidence that supports the effectiveness of broken-windows policing in addressing New York City’s crime issues can be seen in the recent capture of Victor Parra, a suspected co-leader of a migrant gang. He was apprehended last week after three months on the run, not for a major offense, but for a helmet violation.

If not for a vigilant Bronx police officer, Parra could have remained at large.

As law enforcement authorities straightforwardly conveyed to The Post: “Everyone wants to undermine quality of life by disregarding lower-level enforcement, but that’s how a safe and orderly society is created.” The reality is that “Enforcing minor violations like helmet laws… helps in apprehending bigger criminals.”

Victor Parra, the suspected leader of a migrant gang responsible for a string of robberies, was arrested by the NYPD.
Victor Parra, the suspected leader of a migrant gang responsible for a string of robberies, was arrested by the NYPD.

Parra, along with co-leader Franco Alexander Peraza Navas, was involved in leading a group of thieves on mopeds who committed robberies in various locations and sent proceeds back to South America.

Progressives often criticize the enforcement of offenses like farebeating, shoplifting, or traffic violations as “criminalizing poverty.”

The arrest of Parra by the NYPD challenges this argument.

In reality, farebeating arrests often lead to the capture of career criminals, with almost half of those caught having active warrants, including individuals wanted for serious crimes.

Imposing real consequences for “minor” offenses also serves as a deterrent for first-time offenders, guiding them towards compliance before escalating to more severe criminal activities.

To truly improve the situation in New York City, stringent enforcement of low-level offenses is essential.

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