Strike back against the mullahs with force, Israel: 5 important lessons from Iran’s thwarted attack

Despite Joe Biden’s cautious advice to show restraint, it is clear that Israel will respond to Iran’s recent attack.

The failed attempt by the Iranian leaders last weekend aimed at causing significant harm to Israelis, and they cannot escape repercussions just because their plan did not succeed.

Iran must face consequences for their terrorist actions, to show them the cost of directly challenging Israel again.

This will also demonstrate to their proxies the limitations of their Iranian backers.

While Israel debates its course of action, it is important from a distance to understand the gravity of the events that unfolded last weekend.

Here are five key points to consider:

Evil and incompetent

First and foremost, Iran’s attack revealed their incompetence as a military power, despite their aggressive intentions.

The mullahs attempted to overwhelm Israel’s defense system with over 300 drones and missiles, but failed to hit any targets.

This failure highlights the stark difference between Iran’s military capabilities on paper versus in practice, explaining their heavy reliance on terror proxies to do their dirty work.

Secondly, Israel’s and the US’ technological superiority played a significant role in countering Iran’s attack.

This lopsided outcome in modern warfare will likely fuel a new defensive arms race.

The effective use of military assets by the US, under Biden’s leadership, in destroying Iranian weapons marks a significant shift in America’s role in defending Israel.

France and Britain’s assistance, along with the successful coordination between Western powers and Israel’s military, is a game changer in the Middle East.

Third, the involvement of Arab militaries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia in defending Israel signifies a historic shift in regional dynamics.

These actions offer hope for enhanced military and economic security in the region, potentially leading to a Saudi treaty with Israel.

Mideast naiveté

Unfortunately, Biden’s reluctance to support retaliation against Iran reflects a misguided approach reminiscent of the Obama-Biden administration’s appeasement tactics towards the mullahs.

This strategy has failed to hold Iran accountable for its support of terrorism and has instead emboldened them to continue their destabilizing actions in the region.

Israel now faces a crucial opportunity to take action against Iran, with global support for punishing Iran’s aggression.

Despite the risks of escalation, Israel’s response to the recent attack underscores the need for a strong and decisive reply.

The possibility of targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities or conventional weapons factories is being considered, with hopes of sparking a public uprising against the oppressive regime.

In conclusion, Israel’s retaliation must be strategic and impactful, aiming to dismantle Iran’s capabilities and potentially catalyze positive change in the region.

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