The AP Demonstrates a Lack of Understanding of Young Catholics

An in-depth look into American Catholicism recently shed a positive light on the Church, something unexpected from mainstream media.

The article highlighted how many younger Catholics have embraced traditional ways of praying and the full teachings of the Church, bringing a sense of nostalgia to the community.

Despite the decline in Mass attendance, devout Millennials and Zoomers are making a significant impact in parishes and other Church institutions, much to the displeasure of some disaffected Catholics.

When profiling the new “traditional” vanguard, the article highlighted individuals such as a Millennial priest emphasizing God’s mercy and Confession, podcasters addressing tough questions on sex and relationships without compromising Church teaching, a pious college student living out her faith, and parents raising large, loving families.

These young Catholics are striving to be disciples of Jesus, navigating the balance between God’s love and moral standards. While mainstream media tends to treat the Church as a curiosity, these Catholics are rooted in ancient traditions and eternal truths, rather than seeking to turn back time.

Despite the challenges of living according to Church teachings, the joy and hope of those who embrace the challenge shine through, showing the genuine commitment of these devout young Catholics to their faith.

Fr. John Wilson is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York, where he has ministered in several parishes.

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