The US is made a fool of by TikTok’s leading migrant influencer

Proof that Tiktok is a pernicious force continues to surface.

Leonel Moreno, a self-proclaimed Venezuelan migrant, is advocating for leeching off government resources, panhandling, scamming businesses, and most recently, seizing homes using squatter’s rights.

With over 502,000 followers on TikTok, 16,000 on Instagram, and his own YouTube channel, Moreno has become an influential figure in the art of grifting.

He is creating a lifestyle brand that educates fellow migrants on navigating the system to their advantage, despite already benefiting from being in the country.

What a country America is, where you can achieve success by teaching others how to exploit the system.

In his videos, Moreno displays a shameless persona, screaming, ranting, and emphasizing his performances. He’s passionate about instructing his audience on various schemes.

He offers advice on how to invade homes in the US, become a squatter, and take ownership of a property. He also features alongside his baby daughter in some videos, imparting tips to migrants on how to take advantage of government resources.

Moreno is known for sharing stories of panhandling, using his baby as a prop, WIC scams, and obtaining free phones from the government.

He openly expresses his disdain for work, claiming it’s for slaves and kids, and justifies his lifestyle by living off taxes paid by others.

Despite his admiration for Joe Biden, Moreno threatens to mobilize Latino voters against the candidate if his access to TikTok is restricted.

He capitalizes on current events, like the stories of squatters taking over properties, to present opportunities to fellow migrants on how to exploit squatter’s rights laws.

Moreno’s target audience includes desperate migrants flooding US borders, and his methods involve encouraging them to take over unoccupied homes using legal loopholes.

But when reminded that he does not want to work, Moreno’s motives become misunderstood, leading to assumptions about his intentions.

While his actions may seem satirical or opportunistic, some view Moreno’s behavior as promoting negative influences and ideologies.

Despite the controversy, it is clear that the impact of lax policies is being exploited by individuals like Moreno, creating concern and backlash from various groups.

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