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Defense Official Confirms ArriveCan Supplier’s Continued Involvement with Company While Employed by Government

A high-ranking official from the Department of National Defence (DND) stated that the CEO of a company involved in ArriveCan continued his position after becoming a public servant, despite his previous testimony suggesting otherwise.

David Yeo, the founder and President of Dalian who was recently suspended from the DND, claimed to the Public Accounts Committee on March 19 that he had taken steps to address any potential conflicts of interest by distancing himself from his company when he became a government contractor.

“Mr. Yeo informed this committee that he had taken measures to separate himself from Dalian. Even if this were true, it would not eliminate the obligation to disclose his business activities to his employer,” stated Bill Matthews, deputy minister of the Department of National Defence, during his testimony on March 21.

“We have evidence that Mr. Yeo continued in his role with Dalian after joining the public service.”

The $59.5 million ArriveCan application was utilized to verify the COVID-19 vaccination status of travelers entering Canada. It has been at the center of controversy in recent months due to its high costs and a critical auditor general’s report highlighting deficiencies in contracting and management practices related to the app within various government agencies.

According to The Globe and Mail, Mr. Yeo’s company has received $91 million in federal contracts since 2015, including $7.9 million for its work on the ArriveCan app.

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During his testimony, Mr. Yeo stated that after completing ArriveCan, he began working at the DND as a public servant. Despite transitioning from a contractor providing IT services, he entered into a confidentiality agreement with Dalian to refrain from involvement in any activities related to the DND.

However, committee members questioned the extent of his separation from Dalian while employed at the DND. Conservative MP Larry Brock highlighted that during Mr. Yeo’s previous testimony in October, he did not mention his role at the DND.

Conservative MP Michael Barrett also pointed out that Mr. Yeo received a consulting contract from the federal government on the same day he started as a public servant.

Resigned Before DND Interview

Mr. Matthews disclosed that after learning about Mr. Yeo’s continued involvement with his company, the DND initiated an internal investigation and suspended him with pay on March 5. Despite having an interview scheduled for March 6, Mr. Yeo submitted his resignation the night before.

“Disclosure of conflicts of interest is a condition of employment. Mr. Yeo acknowledged this when signing his job offer. Since he was on probation, termination of employment would have been the likely outcome,” stated Mr. Matthews to the MPs.

When questioned about Mr. Yeo’s claim before the committee that the DND had stated there was no conflict of interest, Mr. Matthews denied knowledge of such a statement. “It is untrue,” he affirmed.

When asked if the DND had widespread issues with its hiring process, Mr. Matthews stated it was not believed to be the case, but investigations were ongoing. “In my experience so far, it appears Mr. Yeo has an ethical issue, whether due to a poor understanding of the rules or ethical challenges,” Mr. Matthews expressed.

Dalian has not responded to The Epoch Times’ request for comment.

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