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‘Sound of Freedom’ Inspiration Ballard: Trafficking Is Incentivized

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The man behind the “Sound of Freedom,” now approaching a $150 million box office blockbuster, is sounding off on President Joe Biden’s border policies for “incentivizing traffickers.”

“The border policies that we have in this country are actually incentivizing traffickers,” former U.S. special agent Tim Ballard, who left government to start Operation Underground Railroad, told Fox News, the New York Post reported. “If you’re an unaccompanied minor coming into this country and you’re released to anyone, this is very dangerous.”

In a press release Angel Studios said it is projecting nearly $150 million total cumulative box office revenue through Sunday after bringing in nearly $13 million in its fourth weekend.

“Human trafficking should not be a partisan issue, we need to save our children,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said Tuesday, hosting a screening for Congress, according to the Post. “And this film, I hope, would inspire both people on both sides of the aisle to realize what needs to get done to solve this problem.”

Notably, no Democrat showed up to the screening, according to the Post.

“The first thing you really want to do is secure the border because right now many children are being trafficked into America because they believe the border to be open,” McCarthy continued, the Post reported.

Bishop Donna Hubbard is a survivor of human trafficking and she hailed the “Sound of Freedom” for bringing the conversation to Americans and Congress, even if Democrats refuse to participate in the screening for political reasons.

“The trafficking of people of color did not just begin with the human trafficking movement, so that we need to understand that it was beyond our comprehension to think about trafficking children,” Hubbard said in a TV interview Sunday morning. “However, trafficking people of color from around the world, whether it was the Caribbean or Africa, has happened for many, many years, long before this.

“But the fact that human trafficking now knows no gender, no age, no ethnicity, it is, like I said, the number one human rights issue. That [the movie] brings it to the forefront of the conversation.”

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