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CCP’s ‘Fox Hunt’ and ‘Sky Net’ Lead to Repatriation of 12,000 Individuals to China

Over the years, more than 200,000 individuals have been “persuaded” by Beijing authorities to return to China.

A New Zealand MP is proposing the establishment of a dedicated committee in her country to address issues related to foreign interference.

This proposal comes after the latest report from human rights NGO, Safeguard Defenders, which exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) global “policing” operations.

The report focuses on Operation Fox Hunt and Operation Sky Net, two international efforts by the CCP to capture overseas Chinese individuals accused of financial crimes.

The tactics employed include extradition, repatriation, and at times, abduction. The information is sourced from the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

According to the CCDI, there have been 283 documented cases of extrajudicial returns from 56 countries and 2 territories (Hong Kong and Macao). The CCP claims to have successfully repatriated over 12,000 individuals using these methods since 2014.

Among these, 16 operations were carried out in Australia, 10 in New Zealand, with three failed attempts in Australia.

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The report also reveals Beijing’s successful operations in the Asia-Pacific region, such as 22 in the Philippines, 14 in Cambodia, and various others in countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Fiji, and Macao.

230,000 Yielded to ‘Persuasion’

In addition to these cases, around 230,000 individuals have been influenced to return through “persuasion” tactics, which involve extensive interrogation, threats to family members in China, surveillance, and harassment by PRC agents or their proxies.

For example, the Guangdong Discipline Inspection Commission’s official website disclosed the case of Yu Shanfu returning from New Zealand to China due to pressure on his family.
In an Australian case, it was reported by how Chen X was persuaded to return to China with the help of a “faxiao” team.

Of the 10 returns from New Zealand, nine were under pressure to return.

While Australia’s AFP and immigration administration assisted in one case, New Zealand’s local law enforcement aided in two cases, including that of Yan Yongming.

A CCDI account of Yan Yongming’s surrender states the interactions involved legal interpretations supported by New Zealand laws.

Although there is no extradition agreement with New Zealand, the CCDI mentioned that the New Zealand police cooperated to investigate Yan Yongming’s alleged crimes.

South Korean national and New Zealand resident Kyung Yup Kim continues to contest extradition to China for a murder charge, with ongoing legal challenges against a new surrender order.

The Safeguard report has spurred Labor MP Ingrid Leary, co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China in New Zealand, to propose the establishment of a select committee to tackle foreign interference and safeguard democracy.

Ms. Leary emphasized the need for enhanced vigilance against foreign threats following recent cyber attacks linked to Beijing.

She stated, “No country is immune to foreign interference, and protecting our democracy necessitates vigilance and proactive responses.”

She envisions this committee gathering evidence publicly or confidentially to offer recommendations for parliamentary consideration.

Ms. Leary plans to write to Speaker Gerry Brownlee about this proposal and notes that other MPs are also exploring the concept.

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