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International Demands for Transparency in China Following New Rise in Childhood Pneumonia Cases

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Many countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia have reported similar illnesses. In China, hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with children suffering from pneumonia and other respiratory infections. The lack of transparency from the Chinese Communist Party is causing apprehension in many countries about preventing a COVID-19-like pandemic. The illness is being informally referred to as a “mysterious respiratory illness.”

Denmark and Warren County, Ohio are some of the places where similar cases of pneumonia have been reported. However, it’s not confirmed whether the cause is mycoplasma pneumonia, a common bacterial infection, or a combination of pathogens. The Netherlands, in particular, is facing the largest pneumonia outbreak in recent years.

US Republican lawmakers have expressed concern and urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the outbreak in China. There’s fear that a lack of transparency from China could lead to a COVID-19-like outbreak.

Japan and neighbors of China, such as Taiwan and India, have expressed concern over the outbreak. They are taking precautionary measures and enhancing surveillance and preparedness for the unidentified respiratory disease. Healthcare organizations have been put on alert, and preventive measures have been reinforced to prevent a potential outbreak.

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