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Pfizer Death Rate in New Zealand Raises Concerns, According to Government Data

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The safety of mRNA vaccination has been called into question by a statistician who worked on the New Zealand government’s pay-per-dose vaccine payment system. The whistleblower, who goes by the pseudonym Winston Smith, emphasized the importance of skepticism and differing opinions when it comes to science and urged people to be allowed to have differing viewpoints without being vilified. Smith’s analysis of government data revealed that there were unusual peaks of mortality in New Zealand following the rollout of the mRNA vaccine in 2021 and 2022 that were not solely attributed to COVID-19 deaths. He observed high death counts in certain vaccination sites and suspected that there were irregularities in the vaccine batches. Smith and Liz Gunn, a journalist and lawyer, are calling on experts to further analyze the data to determine causality and understand the impact of the vaccine rollout on mortality rates.

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