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Liberal MP Housefather Feels Alienated by Party’s Drastic Leftward Shift Since 2019

The Liberal Party’s shift further left since 2019 and moving away from its traditional roots has left Anthony Housefather feeling like he doesn’t quite belong in the party, as stated in a recent media interview by the Montreal MP.

“I believe I am a liberal who would have been very comfortable in the Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien Liberal parties,” he mentioned during a March 24 interview on the Roy Green Show.

“I was at ease in our caucus during the 2015 to 2019 period. However, since then, I feel that certain events have occurred that have alienated me. I am strongly centrist and not inclined too far to the left.”

Mr. Housefather, who is Jewish, became more vocal about his future with the Liberals after a March 18 vote on a non-binding NDP motion urging the Liberal government to acknowledge Palestinian statehood. The motion, which was significantly revised by the Liberals, passed with an ovation from his caucus colleagues. Even though the motion was amended, Mr. Housefather stated it has left him questioning his place in the Liberal caucus.

“I believe in a pro-American foreign policy. I believe in a principled foreign policy. I believe in standing by our allies. I am concerned about the threats the world faces, including Iran and totalitarian regimes,” he declared.

“This vote, which was a slight to our ally Israel, during a period when Israel is at war with a terrorist organization that attacked on Oct. 7 and resulted in over 1,000 casualties, taking individuals hostage who are still underground in Gaza—that is precisely why I am reflecting.”

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Other former Liberals have also expressed disappointment over their party’s leftward shift.

Former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who represented southern Ontario ridings from 1993 to 2011, stated in 2021 that his former party is now Liberal in name only.

“This is the NDP on steroids … a party that has outflanked the NDP itself, has pretty much stolen the talking points of the Greens, created a coalition on the far left,” he mentioned in a previous interview with The Epoch Times.

Mr. McTeague explained that he left the party due to its policy stance on various social issues, including its energy policy and “identity politics.”

Stephen LeDrew, the former president of the Liberal Party from 1998 to 2003, also expressed regret regarding the Liberal party’s leftward movement.

“It has not only tilted toward the left, but it has actually steered significantly left due to the leadership,” he mentioned in a 2021 interview. “We have a government in Ottawa that is completely overreaching on citizens’ rights and financial accountability.”

Mr. Housefather expressed hesitancy when questioned about his decision to leave the Liberal Party.

“If I step back from my role in the Liberal Party, who will advocate for Israel, who will call for the Liberal Party to return to its roots in terms of strong, unwavering support for Western democracies?” he pondered. “I have a lot of considerations to make.”

Lee Harding contributed to this report.

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